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Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring in Daniel Defense DD5 V4 .308 Winchester

My DD5 V4 .308 Win. MilSpec Brown
I'm using the Daniel Defense DD5 V4 chambered in .308 Win in combination with a huge A-TEC Optima 60 for hunting, and I would like to do it without hearing protection.

The silencer is good enough that I can do so with my bolt action rifle, but with the DD5 it's just a little too loud.

So after some investigation I found that the cause for that little too much may be the cheese grater sound emitted from my buffer assembly when cycling, so I looked into how I can reduce/remove it.

The first thing I found was the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Springs, but JP states on their website that it will not fit into my rifle ("It is also not compatible with [...] the Daniel Defense DD5 bolt carrier due to a lack of clearance for the guide rod").

So I went on searching and finally found the Armaspec SRS, and after contacting them about it they confirmed that it would fit my DD5, and so I ordered one SKUARM253-AR10 Stealth™ Recoil Spring - SRS™-AR10 GEN4 and a necessary spacer SKUARM154-RFL/A5 Spacer A5 for SRS™/SMB™ (<- the image is not correct: it's way shorter).

Stock recoil buffer weight
I chose the SRS over the SMB because it is meant to replace a heavier buffer (which mine is, with 160g/5.64oz).

I was able to replace the stock recoil buffer/spring assembly without any problems using a set of snap ring pliers, and everything semms to work as intended when I pull the charging handle.

So far, so good, but the gun now no longer cycles reliably when shooting.

The problem is caused by a hefty bolt bounce with the SRS, which was practically non-existant with the original setup. Half of the time it bounces and still manages to close so that it can fire, but the other half it will not close completely and lock and will not shoot (and thank god for that!). And those are the times where I need to press the forward assist to fully close it so that it can shoot.

Stock recoil buffer/spring assemblySRS, closingSRS, staying open

I sent a mail to Armaspec on 17th of October with the videos of the problem, and they asked me about all the details of the rifle and told me they will look into it but haven't contacted me yet.

Update: They want me to install an adjustable gas block, that should fix the problem, they say. I'm not so sure - this feels more like a Newton's-Pendulum-problem to me, but I'm just a computer programmer and electronics engineer, what do I know. I tend to buy one from Superlative Arms - I'll keep you updated.